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Sprout is revolutionizing the way small-scale farmers in Africa access agricultural information and services. We partner with Farmer Facing Organizations (FFOs) to deliver curated expert and scientific content and real-time services that directly address the challenges faced by small-scale farmers. Sprout empowers FFOs to enhance their relationships with farmers by providing customized content and services small-scale farmers need to make better decisions about their farming activities, to build resilience to climate change and improve their productivity and livelihoods

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One acre

Agriculture and Climate Risk Enterprise Limited (ACRE Africa), is a risk management solutions designer linking stakeholders to localized solutions such as insurance and climate change adaptation strategies to reduce agricultural risks. We operate as an insurance intermediary supporting local insurers to offer agricultural insurance across value chains.
As a Private Sector company pursuing financial sustainability and social impact, ACRE endeavours to work sustainably through its partnerships to bridge this protection gap for farmers in Africa.

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Zowasel has built an interactive platform that leverages technology and data science to connect value chain actors and farmer interfacing organizations for increased productivity and earnings. The platform addresses agricultural value chain challenges by promoting inputs access, financial inclusion and data management, market access, digital advisory to enhance Regenerative Agriculture and digital sustainability through digitization and automation of farmers’ footprints throughout the entire value chain.


FSPN Africa

FSPN Africa in collaboration with other stakeholders are working through a Living Lab approach to accelerate sustainable indigenous food system transformation in addressing the triple burden of malnutrition in Across 6 countries in Africa , Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria , Cote D’Ivoire, Cameroon and Benin. Through the HealthyDiets4Africa Living Lab,three(3) innovative agri-food solutions by young innovators will be enhanced for scaling to promote consumption of safe and diverse diets in Kenya. Agri-innovations on production and value addition for our underutilized\indigenous foods will be enhanced through research, business development, and digital market linkages for sustainability.


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Ignitia democratizes climate intelligence by addressing the problem of low accuracy weather forecasts, delivers user friendly forecasts and climate smart advisories to improve the productivity and livelihoods of farmers and food system stakeholders. Through advanced, tropical atmospheric physics-based numerical prediction models and machine learning techniques, ignitia delivers hyper-local forecasts that are twice as accurate as global models. This weather data and forecasts are accessible to relevant stakeholders through platforms like SMS, WhatsApp, mobile apps and web interface and APIs

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Farm to Market Alliance

Farm to Market Alliance (FtMA) in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia – is a public-private sector  Alliance of AGRA, Bayer, The Rabobank Group, Syngenta, World Food Programme, and Yara International – works through a network of Farmer Service Centers (FSCs) to support smallholders and transform food value chains. FSCs are key service hubs that improve access to information, quality inputs & relevant services, affordable financing, handling and storage solutions and provide timely market connections guiding producers’ transition from subsistence to commercial farming. FtMA is striving to ensure Women & Youth are specifically represented in the program; representation from these two groups increased by 9% in 2022 across FtMA’s four countries of operation. Women working as Farmer Service Centers also increased and diversified their income; they earned commissions and income from providing & linking farmers to inputs & services they need, all with coaching from FtMA and   Kuza (AgriFin 2021).



IDH FarmFit Intelligence

The FarmFit Insights Hub, an online platform resource by IDH, promotes the understanding of how smallholder-inclusive business models can deliver positive outcomes for businesses and the farmers with whom they work. Drawing on data from over 100 global business models, the Hub provides analytical insights into practical, sustainable recommendations to business models that provide a sustainable return on investment, at scale, for companies and the farmers they serve. The Insights Hub advocates for a shift from traditional development approaches of agribusiness-smallholder engagement, emphasizing a business-centric perspective to design, decision-making, and investment, improving smallholder-inclusive business models, and encouraging private sector participation.



Savanna Circuit

Savanna Circuit is a leading engineering enterprise revolutionizing agriculture through transformative mechanization, renewable energy and deep tech solutions. Our mission is to empower diverse agriculture value chains by providing cutting-edge value addition equipment and sustainable post-harvest management solutions. We specialize in the manufacture of solar-powered mobile coolers integrated with advanced Quality tracking IoT devices and powered by AI cloud analytics software.


Family Bank

Family bank supports agriculture through end to end process called value chain financing. Agriculture is a value chain and fits into an ecosystem therefore, the bank does not limit understanding of agricultural lending to the farmer. In the agricultural value chain, we finance all the actors like input suppliers and service providers like agrovets/ veterinary services/extension services, producers (small holder/ medium/largescale farmers), bulking / aggregators/ cooperatives, processors of agri products, storage/distribution/exporters and local retailers/wholesalers of agri-finished goods.We provide solutions like, agri- asset financing loan, agri project loan, agri-input and working capital loans, dairy loans, biogas loans, contract growers’ loans, tea scheme loans. All these products are tailor made to suit the needs and cashflow realization of all agricultural value chain actors.

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Hoina + Livestock247

Hoina + Livestock247 Animal Identification and Management System (L247AIMS): Livestock primary health care to pastoralist communities, Animal identification, and traceability; Financial inclusion, Advocacy and provision of cashless financial services in pastoralist communities, ease and convenient sales and transfer of meat.

Livestock Express: Provision of financial services in livestock markets and communities which includes advocacy, financial inclusion, and empowerment of persons through agency banking.




The Agricultural Information Exchange Platform

The Agricultural Information Exchange Platform (AIEP) initiative aims to leverage the power of AI and language technology to improve access to crucial information and conversations at scale with smallholder farmers in Kenya and Bihar, India. Four teams will be building MVPs of the AIEP and create DPGs to overcoming barriers such as low-literacy and low-digital skills while providing personalized content and interactive communication. The AIEP initiative is funded by BMGF and implemented by GIZ with support from CLEAR Global.

The Digital Agrifood Collective

The Digital Agrifood Collective is a collective of organizations, jointly managed by Bopinc and the Netherlands Food Partnership that exchange learnings and align strategies to collectively accelerate an inclusive digital transformation of the agrifood systems in Sub Saharan Africa and Southern Asia. Over the last year the DAC learned that impact measurement of digitalization in agriculture does not always have to be too complex or expensive. We are glad to share that the DAC published a simple tool for impact measurement of digital solutions in agriculture. Whether you are an established organization, or a start-up that has developed or deployed digital products or services for smallholder farmers, you can use this step-by-step guide to measure and report on the impact that your services are making on the lives of smallholder farmers.

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CGAP is a global partnership of more than 30 leading development organizations that works to advance the lives of people living in poverty, especially women, through financial inclusion. We work at the frontier of inclusive finance to test solutions, spark innovation, generate evidence, and share insights. Our knowledge enables public and private stakeholders to scale solutions that make financial ecosystems meet the needs of poor, vulnerable, and underserved people and micro and small enterprises, including through advancing women’s economic empowerment. 



Hello Tractor

Hello Tractor is leading a mechanization service revolution in emerging markets. Since 2014, we’ve evolved from offering on-demand tractor services to becoming a prominent SaaS provider in the mechanization ecosystem. Today, we are the largest and fastest-growing tractor contracting network in emerging markets, with over 3,000 tractor owners serving 1,000,000 smallholder farmers. Hello Tractor’s solution begins with a low-cost hardware monitoring device that can be installed on any tractor, connecting it to the Hello Tractor cloud for remote data tracking and analytics. We also recently added weather forecasting and AI driven advisory services to ensure farms receive services that are timely and yield-optimizing. By expanding tractors’ serviceable geography, Hello Tractor enables owners to grow their business, providing employment opportunities for service providers and rural booking agents. By creating equitable access to tractor services, Hello Tractor enables smallholder farmers to earn more and grow more, improving livelihoods and food security for their families and communities We also have a Pay-As-You-Go  Tractor Financing Program(PAYG) and have financed 120 tractor owners.

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Equitel is an easy-to-use and secure telecommunication and mobile banking  platform that helps you manage your money and communicate with more Freedom, Choice and Control.

Equitel enables customers to call, browse, SMS, save, transfer money, apply for loans as well as pay for goods and services affordably.

  • Free Equitel-to Equitel transactions
  • Zero charges on One Equity Till payment
  • Borrow up to 3 million on your phone
  • Operate your group account on your phone

Get an Equitel SIM by visiting any Equity branch near you with your original national identity card.


At Boomitra we enable farmers and ranchers worldwide to generate third-party certified carbon credits at scale and sell them at scale to corporations and governments looking for carbon removal increasing farmers’ incomes. Using satellites and AI we can measure soil organic levels directly and convert changes in those levels into third-party certified credits (for example Verra/VCS certified).

This greatly reduces the costs associated with measuring carbon sequestration outcomes in a robust manner. Today we operate across 5 million plus acres globally and our farmers and ranchers have collectively generated millions of credits and a significant percentage have already been sold in multimillion-dollar delivery contracts.
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LOOP is a Smart Digital Wallet you can use to manage all your money centrally. It allows you to link all your bank and mobile money accounts SAFELY, offering you the ability to make payments from your primary linked bank account to any merchant, whether mobile money or bank based.

The LOOP Smart Wallet is complemented by a digital marketplace that gives you the ability to search for deals and coupons based on your location and preferences. Dubbed LOOP DISCOVER, the marketplace offers a one stop shop enabling discovery of deals and payment under one platform.



Digifarm is an agri-tech platform that sustainably finances smallholder farmers and connects them to quality products, services and markets. For farmers, the platform offers one-stop access to a suite of smart agriculture services including credit. Buyers can also source directly from smallholder farmers and pay them through an integrated M-Pesa wallet. Digifarm offers working capital for buyers to make on-spot payments to farmers. The platform generates agricultural digital transaction records for farmers and buyers which can be leveraged for credit and working capital. The platform can be accessed through a USSD channel *944#, a smartphone application and has call center support.



Amtech started operations in 2007 specializing in ICT systems development in agriculture. Amtech operates a credit scores system that analyzes smallholder farmer datasets (this farm-level data is already present at the farmer organizations) using Amtech machine learning algorithm to produce relevant credit scores and decision tools that enable farmers’ organizations to lend.




ThriveAgric is a technology-driven agricultural company that ensures food security by improving Africa’s agriculture sector. Our business model unites partners within the agricultural value chain to create an AgriTech ecosystem that brings together: financial service providers, input suppliers, insurance, transporters, mechanization, and off-taker market to increase smallholder farmers’ productivity.
We are achieving this by building the largest network of rural agents who support our digital products [Agricultural Operating System (AOS) and Trade platform] across communities in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya.



M-Shamba is an agritech-company that solves several of Kenya’s food systems’ challenges; low farm productivity, market access, and food losses. They do this by leveraging data-driven digital tools that support decision-making of agriculture value chain actors, and provide market intelligence and linkage service to smallholder farmers. The M-Shamba omnichannel digital platform builds the capacity of the farmers on Good Agricultural Practices and helps them adapt to climate change shocks


Ujuzi kilimo

UjuziKilimo brand personality can be visualized as a trailblazer in the agricultural landscape, always seeking new ways to grow, innovate, and lead. It’s like a dynamic force that propels the industry forward with its fresh ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and unwavering commitment to progress. This personality creates a strong bond with our audience, who recognize UjuziKilimo as a trusted partner in their journey towards a more innovative and prosperous future in agriculture


iPOS is a cutting-edge retail management technology designed to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and agro-dealers in rural Africa. With user-friendly features and robust functionality, iPOS streamlines inventory management, supports remote management, sales tracking, Data analytics and financial reporting; Enabling businesses to operate efficiently and profitably. This transformative solution leverages on providing accessible and affordable technology to bridge the gap between rural entrepreneurs and modern retail practices, fostering economic growth and sustainability in underserved communities across Africa.

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Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services Ltd (Cropnuts) is a leading agricultural laboratory & advisory solutions provider offering innovative services in soil health analysis, plant nutrition, and crop advisory. With a focus on both profitable & sustainable farming practices, we empower growers with actionable insights to optimize yield, improve soil quality, and enhance overall agricultural productivity.


digital green

Digital Green is an international development organization established with a mission to create a world where farmers use technology and data to build prosperous communities. Since our founding in 2008, we have developed and scaled digital tools and services that help small-scale producers thrive reaching over 4.1 million farmers, helping them realize significant increases in both crop yield (up to 47%) and net income (up to 17%). Together with our partners, we help farmers meet Advisory and Market Access; shorten the time for farmers to capitalize on their productivity; and support agricultural ecosystem partners to leverage Advisory and Market Access.

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AgroCares is a global Ag-Tech company, headquartered in Netherlands. With our innovative nutrient testing solutions for feed and soil, we aim to improve crop productivity and sustainability, and encourage efficient farm management practices. With our diverse data management solutions, we strive to empower farmers with tools to adapt to the effects of climate change by improving soil health and thereby reducing their carbon footprint.
ollaborating with partners worldwide, we provide access to fact-based information on farm level.




agriBORA is an agri-fintech company that is balancing the use of technology and human touch to de-risk smallholder agriculture, improve farm productivity and facilitate effective trading.We are building an end-to-end ecosystem around smallholder farmers, bringing farming inputs, financial services and output market closer to them.We have developed an end-to-end B2B2C Software as a Service Platform to enable smallholder farmers and their last-mile business partners (agriBORA Hubs) transact with each other in a more affordable, efficient, transparent, and reliable way.




Kuza supports youth Agripreneurs via mentorship, and business support services and facilitates access to inputs, credit, and markets via its ONE digital Network helping communities graduate from subsistence to knowledge economy. Kuza’s massive digital catalog of learning content in bite-size chunks, dramatically reduces the upskilling and networking costs, making it accessible even in the off-grid areas.
Working alongside 5,000 Agripreneurs, 750,000 smallholder farmers, and global partners like the World Bank, UN World Food Program, and Heifer, across Africa and Asia, Kuza is scaling global impact at the micro-level – one individual at a time.



Lersha provides a wide range of services to smallholders, agro-pastoralists and commercial farmers in Ethiopia through its digital platform. These services include farm input & mechanization services, facilitating aggregation, agro-climate advisory & crop extension and access to finance. The platform is accessible via an in-house designed mobile application and call center, both available in multiple languages. Lersha is committed to using digitalization to revolutionize the agriculture sector and improve the livelihoods of farmers in Ethiopia.

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Shamba Pride

Shamba Pride is revolutionizing rural agriculture ecosystem through online-to-offline platform that connects smallholder farmers to services technology powered digishops. This removes the need for many intermediaries, significantly lowering cost of farming to farmers while solving decade long price exploitation, quality, climate change and services access challenges. Shamba Pride has over 60,000 serviced farmers and 2500 agri-retailers using Digishop technology platform


Nendo is an award-winning research and marketing agency based in Kenya and working across 20 African countries. The firm does research to uncover grounded African insights and trends regarding mobile phones, social media, and the Internet. Nendo publishes free trend reports on its website and blog. On the research side, Nendo’s work includes research projects such as supporting SPARC in uncovering the mobile and Internet habits of content creators in the drylands across Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. On the marketing side, Nendo has also supported Heifer International with the design, communications, and social media launch of its AYuTe innovation prize for agritech innovators. Nendo blends impact and nonprofit work with private-sector marketplace experience to help clients discover insights and drive sales and growth.



eProd offers a proven and affordable supply chain management platform designed to enable aggregators to manage large numbers of suppliers (farmers). Managing hundreds of farmers can be challenging, more so managing thousands of farmers and tens of value chains.

In addition, providing aggregators in the agricultural sector with tools to manage produce collection, manage farmer profiles & fields, make produce quality checks, and provide customers with enough information to confirm traceability has been lacking in the agricultural sector.

Our solution provides all this and goes a step further to provide aggregators with tools like loan management, and credit score profiles for farmers enabling them to give small-scale farmers access to finance, and support for expansion.

We are active in 21 African countries and over 30 different agricultural sectors.


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Mozilla Common Voice

Mozilla Common Voice is an initiative to help teach machines how real people speak. Voice is natural, voice is human. That’s why we’re excited about creating usable voice technology for our machines. But to create voice systems, developers need an extremely large amount of voice data. Most of the data used by large companies isn’t available to the majority of people. We think that stifles innovation. So we’ve launched Common Voice, a project to help make voice recognition open and accessible to everyone




GreenEdge Digital Africa

GreenEdge Digital Africa stands at the forefront of agritech innovation, championing digital solutions that offer farmers streamlined access to expert advice, market connections, and affordable farming essentials. Through a strategic alliance with ALLIN TECH, GreenEdge is deploying the ALLIN Agritech-Fintech platform, designed to unlock the immense potential of the agri-food value chain using ALLIN’s robust, ready-to-deploy digital infrastructure. This collaboration underscores their dedication to reshaping Africa’s agricultural future