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SPROUT is an open/public good content platform. We’re building a “FREE to use” “Amazon” for everything- agriculture. Currently, we have over 75 content value chains (country specific critical agri content, financial literacy and others) serving more than 1.5 million farmers across 4 countries in Africa and we’re growing rapidly. We’re soon expanding in Nigeria and launching our dynamic content services.


The Innovation Research Facility in the Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture in Recurrent and Protracted Crises (SPARC) program was set up to co-create , curate and broker evidence on innovations and innovation systems in the drylands of East and West Africa. SPARC is currently conducting research with Agrifin in digital financial and information services in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria. The SPARC programme is funded by the UK UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Canadian International Development Research Centre (IDRC)


We connect global brands to our diverse community of African creators, tastemakers & influencers, unleashing the power of creator marketing.

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Financial Access Consulting Services has in-depth expertise in value chain mapping, landscape analysis, data analytics, Agri financing and Agri sector risk assessment. FACS is a leading Agri-finance advisor and solutions provider focused on unlocking finance for unbanked or underbanked farmers and Agri enterprises. LendXS integrates data and risk analytics with operational fintech services for FIs in digitized workflows, credit scoring, loan monitoring and reporting to reduce operational costs and risks for smallholder lending. We have offices and strong presence in Amsterdam, Jakarta, Accra, Cote d’Ivoire, Nairobi and Kampala.

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Amana Market is a digital marketplace ecosystem designed to increase ease of business and access to information for small businesses and rural farmers, address price inconsistencies and help facilitate transactions between markets, farmers and buyers.

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IDH Farmfit

Global food systems face a large number of challenges, and smallholder agriculture in particular is in need of systemic transformation. The scale of the challenge is so large that the private sector will need to play a key role in expanding smallholder farmers’ access to markets, goods, services and finance, in an equitable and inclusive way, while creating vibrant markets that create employment and economic growth opportunities in rural areas. Data-driven innovation is a must to unlock at-scale investment into smallholder value chains.

Our mission is to make data-driven decision the norm for inclusive agricultural development. We invite you to join us for early insights from our upcoming Playbook (expected release Q1 2023) in which we provide data-driven insights from our database of over 100 service delivery models in smallholder value chains comprising over 2 million data points, complemented with a wealth of on-the-ground qualitative insights that we have gathered from working with these companies.

The Playbook will assess questions such as: What drives the cost of service delivery to smallholder farmers? Which services and delivery models are associated with stronger farm-level impact? What are the characteristics of commercially viable service delivery models? And what are the tangible and practical opportunities that we see for improving the efficiency, commercial viability and effectiveness of service delivery to smallholder farmers, at scale?

Tomorrow Now

TomorrowNow is taking urgent climate action to ensure that EVERYONE can adapt and thrive in a changing climate. We leverage transformative philanthropy to: ACT NOW: We connect and unlock the value of the latest weather and climate innovations for at-risk communities today

FOR TOMORROW: We invest in solutions that will lead to robust and sustainable national weather and climate systems in regions most in need

TOGETHER: It takes a village. We lift the voice of the unheard and catalyze the partnerships necessary for localization, scale and sustainability.


Green Edge/Farmex

As a company, our main mission is to support emerging markets,leverage digital solutions to drive enterprise development.We have been in the ICT for development space for over 10 years – and especially in agriculture

– both as consultants and providers working with existing solution providers.We aim to promote solutions that drive cost effectively access extension advise, and drive linkage to markets and affordable farm inputs

and services.We have recently partnered with a solution provider, AlliN which provides the Farmex Application, a precision soil to shelf digital

platform for farming value chains.Deployments in India, Ghana and Nigeria, and ongoing in Kenya

Briter Bridges - Agrihub

Briter Bridges is a market intelligence and data research firm focused on emerging economies. Briter has built the largest collection of visual publications on Africa and underserved markets and regularly provides data, insights and analytical information to organizations operating within the agriculture, climate, and sustainability sectors. Briter’s proprietary business data platform, Intelligence, is regularly used by thousands of public and private organizations and represents a point of reference for several leading institutions globally.


Common Voice

Mozilla Common Voice is a publicly available voice dataset, powered by the voices of volunteer contributors around the world. People who want to build voice applications can use the dataset to train machine learning models. Mozilla has invested in African Languages particularly East Africa.

A Kiswahili data set and use case development is in progress through funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ). We recently awarded up eight innovators in DRC, Kenya and Tanzania for use case development in Agriculture and Finance using the open source data set.


Kuza One is revolutionizing the resilience of smallholder farmers by creating a sustainable network of rural youth Agripreneurs. Kuza supports youth Agripreneurs via mentorship, and business support services and facilitates access to inputs, credit, and markets via its ONE digital Network helping communities graduate from subsistence to knowledge economy. Kuza’s massive digital catalog of learning content in bite-size chunks, dramatically reduces the upskilling and networking costs, making it accessible even in the off-grid areas.

Working alongside 5,000 Agripreneurs, 750,000 smallholder farmers, and global partners like the World Bank, UN World Food Program, Heifer, and Yara across Africa and Asia, Kuza is scaling global impact at the micro-level – one individual at a time.

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Named after the Amharic term ‘for agriculture’, Lersha is a digital platform envisioned to make agriculture easy for everyone. It offers farm input, mechanization and agro-climate advisory using mobile application, a call center and a digitally enabled youth in rural areas which serves as a bridge and make sure farmers without phone and literacy are not excluded from digital services

DIAL Catalogue

The Catalog of Digital Solutions is an interactive online tool providing data and resources for donors,governments,procurers and implementers to support their digital initiatives.

The Catalog promotes a Whole-of-Government approach to investing in digital technologies to achieve the SDGs. The approach is rooted in the SDG Digital Investment Framework, developed by DIAL AND ITU.

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At Boomitra we enable farmers and ranchers worldwide to generate third-party certified carbon credits at scale and sell them at scale to corporations and governments looking for carbon removal increasing farmers’ incomes. Using satellites and AI we can measure soil organic levels directly and convert changes in those levels into third-party certified credits (for example Verra/VCS certified).

This greatly reduces the costs associated with measuring carbon sequestration outcomes in a robust manner. Today we operate across 5 million plus acres globally and our farmers and ranchers have collectively generated millions of credits and a significant percentage have already been sold in multimillion-dollar delivery contracts.



AFEX Fair Trade Limited Kenya (AFTL Kenya) prioritizes farmer inclusion in deploying supply chain solutions for key commodity value chains in Kenya. Backed by an outlook to enable seamless trade across Africa, the company’s core operations in outreach, aggregation and access to finance work to build up commodity volumes in the right quality and quantity for local and regional trade.

Small-holder farmers and women in particular play a significant role in the agricultural labor force within the African landscape and more so in Kenya’s grain basket. With solutions that shore up farmer productivity, enable storage as a service and facilitate efficient trade execution, AFEX Fair Trade Kenya endeavors to support Kenya’s food security agenda while promoting a fair exchange of value among players in agricultural value chains.


Digifarm provides an end-to-end agriculture platform that leverages technology, data, and partnerships to sustainably connect smallholder farmers to the best products, services, and markets to provide FOOD FOR ALL. DigiFarm provides smallholder farmers with access to digitally enabled products & services that increase productivity, profitability, and incomes

Digifarm also offers key stakeholders (agribusinesses, governments, NGOs etc) a platform to connect with farmers, analytics and supply chain visibility to better serve the needs of farmers, and enhance food security.DigiFarm’s mission is to transform the lives of smallholder farmers and enhance food security.